Welcome to Tenerife! The largest Canary Island and one of Britain's favourite destinations. In this guide we take a look beyond the year-round sunshine and glistening beaches.

From the capital of Santa Cruz to the formidable and awe-inspiring summit of Mount Teide, we uncover everything Tenerife has to offer, for sun worshippers and adventure seekers alike.

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We're in one of Britain's favourite destinations. Is there anywhere that defies expectation as much as Tenerife? For decades the Canary's largest island has been a package holiday mecca. With miles of beautiful beaches, year round sunshine and top quality all inclusives encouraging over 5 million of us to visit every year. But for those with an adventurous spirit, Tenerife gives so much more. Cycling, hiking, water sports, caving and some truly epic drives are just a sample of what's waiting for you outside the resort. Tenerife was formed by eruptions by Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain, and the volcano at the centre of the island. These eruptions gave birth to some of Tenerife most iconic landscapes such as the black sand beach at Los Gigantes, the boulder strewn National Park and the rugged mountains and rainforests of Anaga, all of this melts away at the coast into some of Spain's most idyllic beaches and lively resorts. Tourists began visiting north Tenerife in the 1960s but it wasn't until the 80s, when tourism boomed in the south, where the hotter and dryer climate attracted British holidaymakers looking for guaranteed sun. Costa Adeje, Las Americas, Siam Park, Los Cristianos, these are all firm favourites for Tenerife's British visitors. However I hope I can inspire you to explore Tenerife and experience everything it has to offer. It has never been easier to hire a car, go on an adventure, and make the most of your holiday. Join us as we head north into the heart of Tenerife. Would I find authentic Canarian culture? Could I find adventure on this well travelled path?Could I discover what made Tenerife into such an attractive destination in the first place? We leave the south behind to explore Tenerife's capital, Santa Cruz and then on day two we'll adventure into Teide National Park to discover some of the most epic landscapes I have ever seen. This is Tenerife like you've never seen it before.

Like any good adventure, our journey begins at the airport. After dropping the car with a handy meet and greet service we were straight into a lounge before our flight. A quiet seat, all the food one could want, free drinks and high speed WiFi make a lounge a great way to start any trip abroad. Soon enough we were boarding and on our way. After a four and a half hour flight, we touched down as most tourists do at Tenerife South Airport. From here, we had a Holiday Extras transfer already booked. We followed the instructions on our confirmation and were picked up by our driver at the car hire desks before being taken directly to our accommodation in Santa Cruz. After a long day's travel this really does take the hassle away from what can be the most stressful part of any holiday. The next morning, I woke up ready to start exploring Santa Cruz. First on the agenda was heading out to get a classic Spanish breakfast. So it might not be the healthiest way to start your day but it's definitely the tastiest. So we've got freshly squeezed orange juice, good churros and the star of the show, which is this thick, chocolate sauce. It's come in a mug. I'm not sure if you're meant to drink it because that would be something else. But I know what you are meant to do is get these guys and dunk them in, and then enjoy. Churros are a traditional Spanish and Portugese breakfast snack made from dough created by mixing, flour, water and salt. They're fried until crunchy and served with thick hot chocolate. So after all that chocolate I'm thinking it's a good idea to walk it off, so we're heading to Parque Garcia Sanabría and to do that we're using the trusty Google Maps. So you type in where you need to go and follow the blue dots. Now there is a tram system that runs through town but actually it's quickest just to walk most of the time so we're going to do exactly that. Parque Garcia Sanabría is an oasis of calm in the heart of Santa Cruz. Covering 17 acres, the park is named after the mayor who approved its construction in the 1920s. The park is used by locals for dog walking, exercising, relaxing and just generally unwinding. As I walked along the sun-dappled pathways, I didn't see any tourists at all.