The #1 Travel Hack Of 2020 - How ANYONE Can Get 50% Off Hotels

I stumbled upon an incredible travel hack that has completely CHANGED the way I book hotels. If you are looking for a travel hack to save you money, budget your trip, and afford more travel- look no further than THIS video!
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The most expensive part of travel is usually the accommodations/hotels. For a small little furnished box, they can easily run you $200 a night. When I wanted to take a trip to Hawaii recently, all of the hotels were $400+ a night and it was just ABSURD! So, I found these mystery deals on but was determined that there MUST be a way to figure out the hotel before booking... it turns out there is- and it's pretty easy. In todays video I tested out this hack a few times, proved it to be true, and ultimately saved over $1,800 on my trip.

A written explanation of the hack:
1. Find the hotwire mystery deal of the day
2. Assess the ratings of the deal of the day and ANY other details they give you. Such as location, daily resort fee, number of reviews. Sometimes they give you more details than others.
3. Find the other hotels listed on the website for the same rating number, then match it up to the mystery hotel. For this, you will need to go to the reviews of each hotel and compare the condition, service, cleanliness, etc. ALL OF THESE MUST MATCH UP EXACTLY TO THE MYSTERY HOTEL. Once you find the hotel that matches these reviews and is in the same location- you've found the mystery hotel!
4. Do an internet wide search for room rates of the hotel, just to MAKE SURE you are getting the lowest possible rate.
5. Book the hotel, be amazest it actually works, and enjoy your trip! :)

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