The After Glow of Travel

"Imagine that you just got home from an amazing trip. You’re still riding the wave of all your new impressions and you carry a certain energy with you. That lingering excitement, the extra skip in your step and the sparkle in your eye. That charismatic after glow from the sum of all your recent experiences that you unwittingly radiate in all your interactions.

We call it recharging our batteries and many of us look forward to planned vacations all year just to make those impressions and memories. But more often than not this feeling starts to fade as we return to our every day lives and routines. And even though just last week you might have been swimming with whale sharks or flying over jungles, now the high is coming down and your batteries need charging again.

But what if you could capture that feeling? That after glow of travel. What if you could anchor it in your mind and go through life radiating that energy all the time? What is it about going on trips that fills us up with this power and life force? Is it being with nature? Is it seeing new things and experiencing new environments with all of our senses?

Maybe the key is in the attitude of presence and spontaneity. Asking yourself the questions like what do I really want to do today, what are the places to see and things to do here and now? You don’t make plans for a 20 minute coffee next week, instead you make a decision to climb a volcano today. You think bigger and live faster. Yet time goes by slower as you fill it with new experiences.

In the end, this feeling is just an attitude that comes from within. And that means that we have access to it at any time, it’s just a matter of making that choice and taking action."

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