The Collaboration Project - Love

Last month we launched a project to collaborate with as many people as possible on one video. We asked our audience to send in video messages via Skype answering the question - 'What do you love?' We received over 2500 submissions from twenty different countries in fifteen different languages. We'd like to thank everyone who took part in this project. It's incredibly exciting for us to work with you the audience to produce a different type of video. We're really proud of the result!

Click here to watch the video announcing the project:

Directed By: Jack Harries
Produced By: Finn Harries
We Are Native:

Thanks to the lovely people who made it happen.

Edit by
Greg White:
Adrian Bliss:

Sound by Scott Quinn:

Colour Grading by Irving Harvey:

Original Score by Tom Rosenthal:

Thanks to Skype for the technology!

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