The Great Penguin Journey - Love and Survival in the South | Full Documentary

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Every winter, four penguin species begin their breeding in four very different locations in southern New Zealand. In the rugged Fiordland National Park, some Fiordland crested penguins build cave-like nests inside the fiord, while others prefer the coastline. On the sub-Antarctic Auckland Islands, the rare and otherwise anti-social yellow-eyed penguins start seeking each other out. Near the city of Oamaru, little blue penguins scurry up the beach to reach their colony. And on Canterbury’s Banks Peninsula, the white-flippered penguins must climb up a steep cliff to reach their nests. “Penguin Central” follows the dramas of all four species as they mate, lay eggs and nurture their young to ensure their survival. Each story comes with its own triumphs and tragedies and illustrates just what extraordinary parents these penguins are.