THE HITCHHIKER (Amazing Travel Story)

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Have you ever hitchhiked before? This is an incredible story about a 29 year old named Daniel, who spends his life hitchhiking around the world.

From Mexico to Croatia to France, this guy LITERALLY relies 100% on the kindness of others to pick him up on the side of the road and take him to where he wants to go. He was recently stranded in Albania because of COVID-19 and had to come back home to the U.S., but if there was no pandemic happening, then he would be heading all the way to Vietnam. That's about 8,200 kilometers!

Daniel has such an inspiring story that I know you will enjoy hearing, and I'm really glad we met.

On a personal note, I've only hitchhiked once in my life, from the Croatia/Bosnia border to a Bosnian town called Mostar, and it was an amazing experience. I couldn't imagine the thrill of doing this every day!

If you have any hitchhiking stories, please share them below!

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