The island of Vir in 365 days | Dalmatia | Croatia | Island with two faces

The island of Vir in 365 days | Dalmatia | Croatia | Island with two faces

1. Velebit
2. Zrmanja river
3. Maslenica bridge

Vir, island with two faces! In the last five years, Vir island has been in the top ten destinations in Croatia, while in 2019 it entered the top eight destinations in Croatia!

Tourist structure: 
Croatia: 28.45%
Hungary: 14.34%
Slovenia: 11.91%
Germany: 11.42%
Slovakia: 9.06%
Bosnia and Herzegovina: 5.33%
Poland: 4.35%
Austria: 3.32%
Italy: 0.77%
Serbia: 0.51%
Sweden: 0.48%

4. Fortress ''Kaštelina'' from the 17th century
5. Residental object ''Villa Lanterna''

The island of Vir has 32km coast. 

6. Diving center

The tourists are coming from 77 countries in the world. In 2019, there were counted 154,096 tourist visits with 2,635.664 nights spent in Vir. 17km of arranged beaches. The island of Vir has about 2,000 house renters, which posses about 15,000 beds. Also, the island has more than 100 arranged cycling and trekking routes.

Alpe Adria Jet Ski Cup, Vir Triathlon, traditional marathon Zadar-Vir, cycling Zadar-Vir(4 times per year), Advent on the island of Vir, Christmas on the island of Vir, New Year's eve, Vir masquerade, Vir carnival, Small carnival, Carnival games, Vir masquerade and burning the prince of the carnival, Yearly manifestation ''Vir summer'', nightlife... 


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