The Lake District - England's most beautiful landscape

For anyone looking for England's most beautiful view, here is where to strike gold: the Lake District. Framed between gently rising mountains of England's northwest, lay dozens of lakes with crystal clear water.
Apart from the magnificent view, at the Honister Pass the brave at heart can experience the breathtaking excitement of the mountains.
Visitors hover over the gorge on a steel cable. The zip wire is the at-traction of the mountain, which houses an old, yet still active slate mine. The Lake District has profited from slate for many years and the majority of the roofs of the region are covered with it. In the old town-ship of Grasmere, the grey of the houses contrasts with the green of the landscape - a wonderfully idyllic spot.

On the western border of the Lake District, Muncaster Castle stands out between the mountains. The undead are said to walk through the walls after sunset and visitors have told of the inexplicable wailing of a child, seemingly emanating from the walls.
The Penningtons have lived here since 1208 - and with them, their strange company.