The Power Within — Storm Chasing with Ty Schmitt

Take a ride through tornado alley as former NFL player Ty Schmitt and the Beautiful Destinations team chase powerful storms across the Great Plains of the United States.

Storm chasing refers to the pursuit of any severe weather, with the first documented chases starting as far back as in 1938. Though quite dangerous, many people still choose to carry on the legacy, going to great lengths to photograph raging storms that often have the strength to destroy everything in their paths.

Ty has the chase down to a science and has harnessed the power of the storms he documents to help himself overcome personal demons. In this episode, he courageously talks about his struggle to find his identity after a career-ending injury in the NFL and a battle with drug addiction.

Whether it's through chasing storms, photographing landscapes, cooking, writing, playing music, or playing sports, at the end of the day, we’re all seeking meaning and purpose in life — and our passions provide a vehicle to help cut through the chaos and better understand who we really are and who we want to be. While this piece is indeed about the thrill of chasing storms, the deeper message is one of determination, unrelenting passion, and never giving up hope.

Follow along as Ty pursues his passion and pushes the boundaries of storm chasing and landscape photography.

Please note that Ty is a trained professional and that the actions performed in this video should not be attempted without proper guidance and training.

The Beautiful Destinations Team
Director | Logan Lambert
Cinematographer | Sage Stephens
Chief Creative Officer | Remi Carlioz
Senior Creative Producer | Katie Rowan
Head of Design and UX | Sarah Allison
Head of Editorial | Anne Marie Crosthwaite |

The Music

“City of Dust” | Luke Atencio
“Scars of Courage” | Luke Atencio