Thing to do in ZIHUANTANEJO Mexico | Alternative Travel Guide 2018

Guerrero Mexico has always been on my list of places to go and things to see. The state is beautiful, and doesn't get too many visitors besides Acapulco. We spent a weekend exploring this area, and here is our list of top things to do in Zihuantanejo.

The Fish Market
Every morning at 7:30am down by the basketball court on Paseo del Pescador street, the fishermen lay our their catch for local restaurant owners to purchase for the day. It's a pretty busy spot that early in the morning, and makes for a great way to grab some good photos and start your day.

The Christ Statue
Playa las Gatas is one of the most famous beaches in Zihuatanejo. Here, you come relax and take in the setting sun over the Pacific, and enjoy a drink at any of the beach bars that line the coast. Just off the break water there is a hidden underwater statue of Jesus, with arms outstretched just a few meters below the surface. You can rent snorkels, masks, and fins. Swim out to the buoy attached to his arm and get a view of this interesting attraction

Pozoleria Santa Prisca

Every Thursday this restaurant opens to serve this extremely traditional soup to whoever is brave enough to wait in line. Even if you've tried it before... you have to try it here. This is some of the best Pozole I've had in Mexico. Chili, corn, chicken, it's delicious. You can make reservations to beat the line. We recommend doing it.

El Partenon de Negro Durazo

This abandoned party house was owned by a corrupt police chief who used tax dollars to build it. He picked a beautiful location overlooking Playa la Ropa, contructed a greek style mansion, called it El Partenon, and then went to jail a few years later. It is now in incredible shape after been abandoned for several decades, and worth checking out (by appointment). It really is a special and unique attraction

One of my absolute favourite drinks world wide is Mezcal. With thousands of varieties, a very interesting history, and lots of establishments devoted solely to it... You have to spend some time in one of the many mezcalerias in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

Hope you enjoyed this video of the alternative things to do in Zihuatanejo



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