Things To Do in Dubai 2019 4k

Hey Must Do Travels Tribe! Today we are travelling to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Known for the most luxurious shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene - here are the top places you have to check out when you visit this Middle East paradise.

Burj Khalifa

Located in downtown Dubai, the needle-shaped skyscraper is the symbol of glitz and glamor of the city. With millions of visitors and VIPs visiting each year, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest manmade structure in the world.

Burj Al Arab 1:32

If going to the most luxurious hotel in the world is on your bucket list, this is a must do for you. This stunning hotel creates the most elegant experience throughout for every visitor with a private beach, world’s best dining and so much more. They will even drive you around in a Rolls Royce, if that’s been a dream of yours.

Dubai Mall 2:27

Forget your everyday mall - the Dubai Mall is a whole new shopping experience. It is the world’s second largest mall and has so many entertainment options from restaurants, an aquarium, VR Park, movie theater and even a ski hill! If you’re not sold yet - ask the 54 million people that visit the Dubai Mall every year.

Palm Jumeirah 3:23

The palm tree shaped island is known for glitzy hotels, posh apartments and some of the world’s best restaurants. Food trucks offering delicious snacks like shawarma can be found on the Palm Jumeira boardwalk with breathtaking views of the Dubai coastline. Here, you will also find the Burj Al Arab hotel as well as beach clubs with spas and infinity pools.

Dubai Marina 4:18

This affluent neighborhood is known for the innovative smart cafes and pop-up craft markets on the waterside Dubai Marina Walk. Here, you can sit back and enjoy watching the upscale yachts cruise through the large man-made marina. You can even go jet-skiing and skydiving to have some real fun!

Dubai Glow Garden 5:14

This unique theme park is a beautiful celebration of light in the Zabeel Park in the heart of Dubai. This family friendly outing is a great way to enjoy art in a breathtaking setting. This is also a great educational experience, as this exhibits’ goal is to have the exceptional glow while minimizing their carbon footprint and saving the environment.

Dubai Gold Market & Spice Shops 6:09

In Dubai’s business district, Deira, you can find two completely unique markets. In the Gold Market, you can find over 300 retailers selling jewelry made of Gold, Platinum, Diamonds and Silver. In the Spice Market, you can find a wide range of spices, herbs and incense that you can’t find anywhere else. Even if you are not looking to buy - just visiting these markets is worth the trip.


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