this might be the cheapest city in mexico

With $10 in hand, we're attempting to see if San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas has the lowest prices in Mexico.
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Today we are attempting to "exchange" the price of one US movie ticket for a full day's worth of food and drinks. We love doing this $10 challenge in new cities because it forces us to try new food, explore parts of the town we've never seen, and break out of our shell.

We were shocked by some of the prices in San Cristobal de las Casas. Beyond food, the cost of living in Chiapas seems...well, you'll have to watch today's Mexico travel vlog and find out!


1. El Tostador - excellent, fresh coffee with incredible prices!
2. El Ciprés - Delicious breakfast (especially those garlic potatoes) with some the lowest prices in town.
3. La Viña de Bacco - we recommend it for the cheap drinks ONLY (not the food)
4. Pachamama - Tasty pizza and salads, plus some well-priced wine and drinks.
5. Kinoki - A cool restaurant with an upstairs balcony, perfect for people watching. The oven-baked potatoes and pasta is great!
6. Restaurante Plaza Real - Breakfast combos (80 pesos and up) that will leave you stuffed! The food is also amazing.
7. El Frayle - We haven't tried anything except the sopes, but those were the best I'd tried in all of Mexico!
8. Carajillo Cafe - Another great place to try Chiapas coffee, or beans from other regions of Mexico for that matter. Not only are the atmosphere and food excellent, you get the coffee made right at your table with an explanation of the process.


1. Walk around Mercado Santo Domingo where you'll find thousands of handmade treasures, unique to this city.
2. Visit Iglesia De Guadalupe and enjoy the picturesque view of the entire city—preferrably at another time of year so you avoid the rockets and other explosives.
3. Hang out in Plaza de Paz where you can buy local pastries from the area, soak in the view of Catedral de San Cristóbal, and people watch.
4. Try the local coffee. We recommend El Tostador especially, but you can find good local coffee almost anywhere.
5. Sample the food. Food in San Cristóbal de Las Casas is so flavorful, rich, and unique. Try as much of it as you can!
6. Enjoy everything there is to see, do, and taste while strolling on one of the many walking streets. You have everything from shops, vendors, restaurants, street music, and everything in between.
7. Get off the "tourist path." We enjoyed doing what most tourists do in the city, but we strongly suggest you look into what this Pueblo Magico has to offer on the side streets, the nature, and those hidden gems you can only find from going out and exploring.

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