Todoing Family Episode 1: Making the Decision S01E01

That’s it….we’re doing it! We’ve thought about it, talked about it, we’ve even dared to dream about it. Sometimes you just need to take the plunge and we’re going to do just that from the end of 2018 – we’re going on a big lap of Australia in a Caravan.

It still seems a little surreal, but gathering up our three boys, in a caravan and car we don’t even have yet and setting off for a full year touring around Australia just kind of makes sense. We honestly can’t wait, but there is so much to do on the coming months in the lead up to our departure. Here we go! It is scary but amazing.

Did you know by the time your children finish high school you’ve have spent 90-95% all of the time you will ever spend with them? We heard this recently and it blew our minds. We’ve just finished some big family holidays in 2018. We never go on holidays! But we had so much fun, we’ve decided to build on our Trip to Tasmania and Jet setting to Japan with a Lap around Australia. We’ve looked at Caravans, we’ve compared tow vehicles. It’s GO TIME!

In our video above we share the reasons for doing it, touch on the caravan brand we’ve selected and all the things we’re going to be going through and sharing in the lead up to our big lap in 2019 around Australia in a caravan. What car should we get? What caravan are we going with and why? What will the budget look like and how are we going to pay for it all. We’re the Todoing Family and we’ve had a big holiday on the radar for so long and it’s finally time. We’re Todoing Australia on a big lap, on a budget.

We’re going to home school our children with Distance Education in Victoria, and it helps that Steph is a Primary School Teacher. You will see how to actually home school, school aged children, incorporating the big lap.

But before we get there we have to get ready. We need to buy the car, fit it out, learn how to use it, get the caravan, learn how to tow it, set it up, kit and pack it out and head off.

We’re leaving on our big lap of Australia in 2018, just after Christmas, and we’re going to share everything leading up to our departure, and then of course our lap of Australia. Learn how to do it, how it works and hopefully everything you and us need to know!

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