Todoing Family Episode 2: Affording a big lap of Australia S01E02

A whole year away in a caravan? It's hard work, and it also takes a lot of money. There are many different ways to achieve your goal of a full lap of Australia via a 'family gap year'. Some save their money tirelessly over many years. Others come in to windfalls, some borrow it and some sell their family home for the freedom that affords them. For us, we needed to keep our home, and we had to come up with a different way. We bought an investment property, rennovated it ourselves and rented it out as a holiday let to maximise our returns.

No matter your strategy, it's going to likely take a lot of patience and effort. For us, it was a combination of both, and whatever the outcome we were going to take that family gap year, even if it meant off the smell of an oily rag.

We've just sold our investment property and it's provided as unough budget to do the full lap of Australia.

From our research, for families there are three realistic ways to do the big lap:

Campertrailer or Camping + existing vehicle
Pop-top or small caravan + an upgrade Dual Cab
Full sized caravan and a full sized wagon or truck
Each have their own benefits, and obviously Option 1 is a lot cheaper than Option 2.

We're going with Option 3 and can't wait to share the caravan we've chosen, the process we went through and how we will receive our caravan just in time for our lap of Australia!

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