Top 10 Things To Do In Prague | Must Do Travels

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic, and has been a metropolitan city for many centuries under the rule of various empires. It was originally settled during the era of the Roman Empire, and has since continued to grow in size and influence. Prague was especially prominent during the Renaissance Period, whose vibes still seem to resonate throughout the region today.

Despite rampant destruction across Europe during both World Wars, Prague was fortunate to be one of the few major metropolitan areas to remain virtually untouched. Because of that, many of the cultural, political, and religious landmarks of its past still remain intact today.

Because there is just so much to do in Prague, it frequently tops the list of best places to visit around the world, and here is our Top 10 List of things to do, which are ranked in no particular order of importance.

Top 10 Things To Do In Prague:
1. Visit Old Town Square
2. Prague Astronomical Clock (The Orloj)
3. St. Vitus Cathedral
4. Charles Bridge
4. Mala Strana
5. Prague Castle
6. Wenceslas Square
7. Cruise the Vlatava River
8. Climb Petrin Hill
9. St Nicholas Church
10. Hang out in a Beer Garden

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