Travel Q&A: Karl Watson answers your backpacking questions

YOUR TRAVEL QUESTIONS ANSWERED!! This is the 1st video in a new weekly series where I answer all your questions about going on backpacking adventures.

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This first video focuses on miscellaneous travel questions that have been sent in, then each week I'll focus on a particular subject.

Next week is questions on PLANNING a backpacking trip so either leave you questions in the comments section of this video or on my Facebook page:

Here's quick links to the questions covered in this video:

1:03 What did you do to promote your videos? Did you do any advertising?
1:57 What do you use for best flight offers?
2:32 Out of all the places you've travelled to, where would you like to live?
2:56 Have you ever thought about documenting your travels in a book?
3:16 Have you thought about going to Japan?
3:29 What are your future travel plans?
4:42 What was your favourite part about being in Canada?
5:20 Has there been any point in your trips where you felt unsafe and insecure?
6:05 Would I either consider a long distance hike like the Pacific Crest Trail?
6:32 What's your favourite travel moment?
7:54 Where's James?
8:23 In your Thailand HK2NY episode, can you explain the "James what did you do"?
8:41 Which continent has the nicest boobs?
8:47 What's the worst of funniest thing to have happened to you on your travels?


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