UNBOLIVABLE - A Bolivia Travel Video

Camera I used: Sony RX100 M3 (https://amzn.to/3cq0Pgb) + GoPro Hero 4 Silver (https://amzn.to/2PDiJ5f)
Music: Awaken Dawn by Ian Locke (Licensed through https://artlist.io/Pete-165569)
️ For a complete travel guide to Bolivia: https://www.bucketlistly.blog/posts/one-week-bolivia-uyuni-salt-flat-alien

Bolivia is Un-Bolivia-ble! Get it? Ok, I'll show myself out... Haha!

I didn't get to spend much time in Bolivia (2 weeks only which is pretty short in comparison to other countries I've travelled in South America) and I only get to see 3 areas of the country. That said, these 3 areas are wildly different and unique in its own way. From Potosi, a in grungy colonial mining town standing on top of the wealth of the Spanish colonial ambition as well as the 8 million people, both natives and African slaves, that died because of it, to the raw bustling city of La Paz, and one place that made it all worthwhile to come all the way to this part of the world, Salar de Uyuni! Traveling around the largest salt flat in the world for 4 days is one of the most out-of-this-world experiences I have ever experience, or I could say, it was Un-Bolivia-ble! This salt flat is as alien as it gets. From the infinite sight of the salt flat itself to the colorful lake of Laguna Colorada and all the flamingos and wildlife within it, Salar de Uyuni is truly worth all the hype.

For this video, I'll take you first to La Paz, seeing the voodoo market and the beautiful architecture there before going to Potosi, touring the dynamite shop, and prepping ourselves for a trip in the mind, which was one of the most interesting experience ever. After Potosi, we will spend the rest of the video traveling the beautiful barren land of Salar de Uyuni and I'll show you why the place is one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

I hope you enjoy this video and if you want to do this same trip as well, be sure to check out my one week complete backpacking guide to Bolivia here: https://www.bucketlistly.blog/posts/one-week-bolivia-uyuni-salt-flat-alien

Location: La Paz, Potosi, Salar de Uyuni
Camera Gear: Sony RX100 M3 (https://www.bucketlistly.blog/posts/travel-photography-gear-guide-light-travel)

Music: Awaken Dawn by Ian Locke (Licensed through https://artlist.io/Pete-165569)