Val D'isere

In a remote beautiful hidden valley, lies one of France's longest established ski resorts and one of the world's most prestigious winter-sports destinations.
Val d'Isere .
Val d'Isere ski resort is part the Espace Killy ski area which considered
By many as the Most Beautiful Ski Area in France.

In this video
We will show you the most important things you need to know before booking a vacation in Val d'Isere and if you will stay until the end of the video, you will get some great tips that will help you to take better decisions, save time and money, and have a more enjoyable vacation.

How to get to Val d'Isere?

The closest airports to Val d'Isere are Chambéry, Grenoble, Lyon and Geneva with transfer time of 2 hours, 2 hours, 3 hours and 3 and a half hours accordingly.
If you are coming by train, the nearest train stop is in the town of Bourg-Saint-Maurice where you need to take a 45 minutes bus drive to Val d'Isere.

Val d'Isere ski has a long season beginning in late November and last to the first week of May.
The resort’s mostly northerly orientation, with height of 1850 meters and s of snow cannons guarantee snow-covered slopes.
(map)The ski area of Val d'Isere itself has 150 kilometers of ski runs, combine with Tignes ski resort, it has 300 kilometers of ski runs in the espace killy skipass.
Overall there are 8 black runs, 17 red runs, 32 blue runs and 14 green runs in the ski area of Val d'Isere.
The ski area of Val d'Isere, spans from 1850 meters above sea level to 3456 meter above sea level.
Val d’Isere ski resort has three main ski areas; Le Fornet,Solaise , and Bellevarde.
All are well served by modern high-speed lifts including high-volume gondolas and a funicular.

The meeting points of new generation and supreme ski schools are situated around the Solaise Express in Val D’Isere Centre.

The ESF meeting points are around village chairlift in Val D’isere center.
there’s another branch of ESF at La Daille.
Ski school prices in val D’isere are higher than in other resorts.
Val d’Isere is renowned for its off-piste skiing. So, if you want to get away from the crowds and crave your own lines Val d’Isere has a lot to offer.

Val d’Isere offer all the accommodation styles from basic apartments up to luxurious five-star hotels. With Val d’Isere snow cover a lot of the accommodation offer ski-in /skin-out.

Val d’Isere have a shuttle bus free of charge to visitors. The Red line between La Daille and Le Fornet from 07:35am to 02:50 am. The Blue line between Legettaz and the Rond-point des pistes from 08:30 to 20:00. The Yellow from the le manchet to the Pont du Joseray from 08:30 to 23:30.

If you are coming by car, Val d’Isere offer an indoor car parking with a price range of 68 to 109 euro for a week.

The main buzz of the town happens between the two main roundabouts at the tourist office and supermarket, with regular street entertainment and concerts adding to the festive atmosphere.
In Val d’isere you can find 2 of the best apres ski bars in the world
If you are finishing your skiing day coming back from tignes or the west slopes of the Bellevarde area, we recommend you give a visit to Foulie Douce on your skiing back to village,
BTW the “La Daille Gondola allow non-skiers to ride round trip from Val d'Isere to Foulie Douce”.
This is the original Folie Douce, the one that started them all, here the legend began.
This Foulie Douce will party on until 5pm each day!
in any other circumstances
the party there stops only at 8pm!
if you still have the energy for the afterhours go visit the Club which located just under the cocorico: Doudoune Club!
Doudoune Club, is probably the most beautiful club in any ski resorts.
There are many other choices like underground café, la baraque, garage the fall line, and Dick’s Tea Bar where you can party until the morning!

Val d’Isere offer many other attractions like snowshoe walks, husky-sledding, ice-climbing, ice-skating, ice-diving, and indoor climbing.
Before we conclude, here’s our numbers for Val D’Isere:

Intermediates: 9
Advanced skiers :9
Snoboarders :9
Freestylers: 8
Freeriders :9.5
Apres ski: 9.5
Nightlife: 9
Resort charm: 8.5
Our total score for Val D’isere is: 9

As val d’isere, and espace killy are known for the spring skiing, here’s Our tip for today:

With warmer temperatures, skiing in the spring time need a little know how.
Meaning aiming to hit East-facing slopes followed by south-facing slopes and then west-facing ones. After lunch only north-facing or very high slopes are worth trying.
In Val d’Isere this means opening the day in the legendary face run, than taking the solaise gondola heading to the Solaise area for some east faced runs, than ski down to Olympique gondola to Bellevarde and La Daille, and saving the highest area above Le Fornet near Pissaillas glacier for the afternoon.

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