Vela Luka in 30 seconds | Korčula island | Croatia

Vela Luka in 30 seconds | Korčula island | Croatia

The island of Korčula is located in the south of Dalmatia, between Split and Dubrovnik, and it is 46 km long and 8, 5 -3, 7 km wide.
It is the sixth-largest island in the Adriatic and its coastline is a proud 182 km long. This is divided into countless smaller and larger bays. Its population has 16.000 inhabitants, which makes this island the second largest inhabited island on the Adriatic.

Average, there are 2700 hours of sunshine per year.
In winter the temperature rarely drops below 10 ° C, while in summer the average temperature is 26,9 ° C. However, the maximum temperature rises to 40 ° C. Snow rarely falls in winter and it becomes a special experience for the residents.

Vela Luka is located in the western part of the island of Korcula, in a bay 9.2 km long, one of the best anchorages on the east coast of the Adriatic.
In the center of the bay is the island of Ošjak, and at the entrance to the bay is a beautiful island
Proizd, which hides the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

On the most magical island in the Adriatic - Proizd is the most beautiful beach in
Croatia, which was included by the British Daily Telegraph among the five most beautiful beaches
on the Adriatic.

Vela Luka is rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage and has developed health tourism. In the bay of Kale, there is a healing mud - estuary, which with a mild climate was crucial for the construction of the Kalos spa. With its 2617 hours of sunshine a year, it is one of the sunniest places on
throughout the Adriatic. It is one of the last oases to store gifts Mediterranean: mild climate, clean sea, and air, olives, figs, song.

On the southern slope of the hill Pinski rat, 130 meters above the bay Kale in Vela Luka has a mysterious cave, called Vela spila, and it is one of the most important archaeological prehistoric sites in Europe.

The wide gastronomic offer of Vela Luka is based on a number of quality restaurants and taverns offering local specialties and other dishes. Most of them are located in the center, and in the wider area of ​​Vela Luka, there are also several rural households in which the authentic Dalmatian ambiance offers traditional Vela Luka cuisine, local wines, etc.

Vela Luka is a place that always draws you to return to it… The Mediterranean here it brings its scents and beauties and makes Vela Luka ideal for the rest of the soul and bodies.

Meet Vela Luka, the place with the most beautiful sunset.


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