We Didn’t Expect Slovakia To Be THIS Beautiful | Bojnice Castle & Sulov Rocks

Welcome back to Slovakia, today we start our road trip in this beautiful country - leaving the city of Bratislava to explore more of the countryside.

After renting our car, we drove from Bratislava to our first stop - the cute fairy tale town of Bojnice to see the Bojnice castle. After going on a castle tour from the top to down below in the well we went out for lunch.

Lunch Spot - Meridiana Bojnice

After lunch we checked into our first night inside a cabin at Koliba Pacho where we chased some sheep and found a jumpy castle.

Where we stayed: https://fave.co/2Nw97sQ

The next morning we started nice an early to see the cultural town of Cicmany where the unique white markings covered the town buildings.

We then went on a hike to Sulovske skaly mountains, passing by Sulovske castle and having lunch at Orava Castle before ending our day at our hotel for the night.

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