What 3 days in the Amazon Jungle are really like!

Off the beaten path adventures are my favorite, and 3 days off the grid in the amazon were the perfect choice! It's easy to get to the rainforest in Bolivia, especially from La Paz, and there are plenty of options for a trip to the madidi national park, which offers eco-lodges, wildlife, and giant bugs & critters. This is what those 3 days were like and what you can expect if you want to do the same.

As always the end slide includes the costs you can expect, and what you should pack if you plan on doing this. We decided to go pretty last minute and actually ended up spending a week in the small town of Rurrenabaque. So there's more travel vlogs about the jungle coming your way ;)

Company we used:

On a personal note, I want to add that we were there earlier this year, and our guide had told us some amazing stories of what growing up in the amazon was like. But he also told us about the farming that is destroying his home, making the recent events that much more heartbreaking. Go see these beautiful places, support eco & sustainable tourism practices, and make choices that reflect care for this beautiful planet & help future generations enjoy it as well x
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