What It's Like to Safari at Kruger National Park in South Africa | A Travel Guide

While we were in Kruger National Park doing our self-drive safari, I took some time to film what it is like stay there and be your own navigator around the park to go wildlife watching. Open this up to learn more ↓

This is meant to be a valuable resource especially for those that are first-timers. This will help answer some pretty key questions that aren't limited to, what it's like to stay there, what are the camps like, do I need to cook, what kind of accommodations can I book, how the heck do you self-drive? Let me do a walkthrough the world-famous safari nature park to help with your trip planning.

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When I was planning my trip to South Africa and the safari component to our honeymoon, one thing that I've said before is that it was actually pretty challenging because there just isn't a lot of information out there about what it's actually like to be on a safari in Kruger National Park. Sure there were blog posts about it but when it came to YouTube videos providing a walkthrough of the park, camp life, and self-drive, there just wasn't much out there. Sure this video may not cover every single aspect of Kruger but for someone that stayed there for 3 nights and 4 days, it gives you a look into what our experience was like and the two of the larger camps we experienced - Skukuza and Lower Sabie.

- What is camp life like? 0:38
- What can you find in the park shop? 2:20
- What food options are available at camp? 2:50
- Our accommodations in Skukuza 3:33
- Our accommodations in Lower Sabie 6:28
- What are the activities to do in Kruger? 7:03
- Here are a few of our self-drive moments 9:11

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