Wild Canadian Animals

Watch Canadian Wildlife in its natural habitats. Animals Ranging from the south of British Columbia to the Yukon Arctic with bears, bison and beavers.

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Time stamps:
Grizzly aka Brown Bear: 00:02
Bison: 00:10
Moose: 00:17
Black Bear: 00:28
Bald Eagle: 00:40
Mountain Goat: 00:50
Porcupine: 01:01
Steller's Jay: 01:07
Pika: 01:11
Caribou: 01:13
Bighorn Sheep: 01:21
Arctic Ground Squirrel: 01:28
Beaver: 01:36
Musk Ox: 01:44
Elk aka Wapiti: 01:59
Coyote: 02:11
Deer: 02:19
Stone Sheep: 02:26
Canada Goose: 02:30
Clark's Nutcracker: 02:33
Spotted Seal: 02:35
Ptargmigan: 02:36
Raven (feeding on Ptarmigan): 02:45
Squirrel: 02:54
Sea Otter: 02:58
Chipmunk: 03:00
Great Grey Owl: 03:05
Red Fox: 03:09
Dahl Sheep: 03:11

Location: All over Western and Northern Canada and parts of Alaska

Ehrling - Breeze (Vlog No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.
Video Link: https://youtu.be/DM2egIQM_ww

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Disclaimer: Some of the footage was shot in Alaska, however all of the animals shown are native to both Canada and Alaska.