Wild Yunnan - Explore China's Breathtaking Landscape | Full Documentary

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Stretching from the precipitous snowy peaks in the north to dense tropical rainforests in the south, Yunnan is home to the country’s greatest number of animal species and showcases the region’s priceless biodiversity. From the rarest and highest-living primates in the world to the last remaining troop of wild Asian elephants, the impressive variety of animals that inhabit some of the oldest mountain ranges on earth also display some weird and wonderful characteristics. The Temminick’s tragopan is a flamboyantly coloured pheasant that has one of the most bizarre mating rituals in the world, while the world’s largest amphibian – the Chinese giant salamander - has adapted to breathe through its skin, despite having lungs. All this biodiversity is testament to Yunnan’s much deserved title as China’s Kingdom of the Wild.