Wired Warriors: The Internet Indians Leading The Fight for Amazonia | Full Documentary

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"The internet is our weapon. We no longer fight with bows and arrows," says Benki Piyako, son of the Ashaninka chieftain in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. "We are only safe on our territory if we are connected." The Ashaninka live in the Brazilian-Peruvian border region. Their region is rich in valuable tropical timber and regularly attracts illegal logging teams. Wherever the Indians stand in the way of the timber mafia, their villages are attacked and the people killed or chased away.

This changed a few years ago when a Brazilian NGO began equipping isolated indigenous peoples with internet stations. Since then, the rainforest inhabitants have been able to ask the authorities for help. Illegal loggers are now being caught because the military and police arrive by helicopter in Indian territory within a very short time and catch resource pirates in the act. The fight for the rights of the indigenous peoples received a decisive boost, and the Ashaninka in particular made headlines because they demonstrated how Indian traditions can be combined with modern awareness and responsibility for the environment.

Today, the two sons of the chiefs, Benki and Moises Piyako, are ensuring that more and more Indian communities are equipped with the Internet. They have also founded an environmental school where they teach methods of sustainable agriculture, made their villages self-sufficient again, started reforestation and