XINJIANG - Hotan | Best Travel Guide in China | Explore Uygur Culture in Hotan

Do you plan to visit #Hotan & #Xinjiang region in China? If yes I share with you the best way to plan your trip and all the alternatives you have plus few tips to make your trip smooth and unforgettable. Travel in Xinjiang province could be tricky many times especially the actual status of the province, and a little bit more tense, but between all those tensions you still could do some great exploration around the city and the area by mainly experiencing 3 things. To see more about China and travel in China subscribe on our channel and discover the world together. Lion on the Road discover the world

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To travel in Xinjiang it may not be the easiest thing lately but in case you make it, you must check out the highlights pointed out in this travel movie. You can start with the "walnut museum" which is situated at the end of the "thousand miles grapes gallery". The longest grape gallery in the world with almost 3km length. It is located in the west, on 629 national road at the exit of Hotan city towards "BageQi" district (the old Hotan area) and it is a blast for those who love photography, walnuts and grapes of course.

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After that we went to check the richest stone market in the world (well it's the Nephrite jade market)
Historically, Hotan is the main source of nephrite jade used in ancient China. The light coloured jade is called "Mutton fat jade" and people from all over China come here...
Nowadays only few kilos of good quality jade are found yearly. Some is still mined in the south, in Kunlun Mountains but it is generally of poorer quality than the one found in the rivers.
Then we asked why those stones are so precious?
To see how much a stone, sorry a Nephrite Jade, could cost, check the end of our movie and you will be amazed or just shocked. Meanwhile take a brake and we introduce you to some of the most delicious local street food you must try when you come to Hotan.
The underground "whole roasted lamb" & "roasted chicken" a newer version, it's famous especially for the unique process of pit-cooking. The lambs are usually less than a year old, and their meat it's covered evenly in a blend of special paste, with fine flour, slated water, eggs, curcuma, pepper and cumin powder. The meat is then skewered on a special stick, and lower inside a pit, covered by wood then dirt and left there to roast up for 1-2 hours. When ready the mutton tastes fresh without any sheep odour.
This dish getting its fame throughout the country & even the whole world because of the crisp skin, tender meat and the mouth watering flavour.
Chicken or Lamb? Which one would you like to try? Or which one you think taste better? Leave your comments bellow

Visit the night market where hundred of food stands can satisfy world wide tastes but most special dish you MUST try it is: The "roasted goose eggs", nicknamed roasted triple goose yolk. They are an original creation in Hotan, and a sellout here at the night market. Throughout the coin-sized hole the white is drained out, leaving the yolk in the shell, then add two more yolks with honey and saffron. Finally gently place the eggshell on the burning coals for 20 to 30 minutes & done. The timing and temperature are key of this dish.

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