12 Best Places to Live on Adriatic under $1,500/Month

The Adriatic Sea is the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean, extending from eastern Italian coastline to the Balkan Peninsula. With its breathtaking landscapes, historical gems and quaint towns, crystal clear waters, sunny weather and various water-sports, from snorkeling to kite-surfing. It's the perfect destination for those seeking a relaxed pace of life. This coastline also features some of the cheapest places to live on the Mediterranean, so in this video we have listed some of the most budget friendly places to reside on the Adriatic shoreline, and to keep things simple we have only listed places where median cost of living is around $1,500. But despite being affordable these places offer all the modern day services and necessities with a growing expat population, offering a sense of community for any retiree or nomad choosing to move here.

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