7 THINGS to know before visiting GUANAJUATO, MEXICO

In every city visit, we like to share a few details that would have been helpful for us to know before coming. These are the 7 things to know before coming to Guanajuato, Mexico that we would have found the most useful.

The quick breakdown of these 7 things to know before visiting Guanajuato are:
1. Uber costs
2. Will Uber pick me up and drop me off anywhere?
3. Walking around Guanajuato Mexico
4. Driving and parking your car
5. How much does food cost in Guanajuato?
6. Food you must try in Guanajuato
7. Cheap food in Guanajuato

We hope these things give you an idea about what to know before traveling to Guanajuato. It's a beautiful city with amazing people and delicious food. With these tips, you'll probably have an even more amazing time in Guanajuato City, Mexico.

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