California 8K Video Ultra HD - The Golden State (60 FPS)

California 8K Video Ultra HD - The Golden State (60 FPS)
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This videos you can use for learn California City, Road, Bridge, Building, Nature, About place, River, etc with 8k Ultra HD resolution.

► Total Numbers Of Clips In this video are - 70

1. Intro 00:00
2. Golden Gate Bridge Aerial 00:33
3. San Francisco skyline aerial, California, USA 00:40
4. Aerial Panning Shot of Downtown San Francisco and Oakland Bay Bridge 00:48
5. Aerial shot of Manhattan Beach, California, USA 00:57
6. The Santa Barbara Mission building in California 01:07
7. Neighborhood in California 01:14
8. Aerial view of Palm Springs 01:22
9. Bixby Creek Bridge and Pacific Ocean in Big Sur 01:30
10. Aerial View of the Skate Park at the Venice Beach California 01:42
11. Avalon, Pacific Coast, California, Santa Catalina Island 01:52
12. Bay Bridge In San Francisco 02:02
13. US Bank Tower, Skyscraper in Los Angeles, California 02:12
14. Oceanside Beach City Coastal Drone 02:22
15. Avalon Casino and harbor in Santa Catalina Island 02:32
16. Aerial View of the San Diego Skyline and the USS Midway Museum 02:42
17. Boats On The Scenic Lake Tahoe In California 02:51
18. Yosemite National Park 02:56
19. Rainbow Falls in the Ansel Adams Wilderness in California 03:06
20. Bridal Veil Falls at Yosemite National Park 03:12
21. University of Pittsburgh Oakland campus 03:18
22. Golden Gate Bridge Aerial 03:30
23. Pacific Coast Highway 03:40
24. California Palm Trees in Street 03:50
25. Griffith Observatory with Hollywood Hills in Daylight, Los Angeles 03:58
26. Aerial view of the California Tower in Balboa Park 04:08
27. Half Moon Bay California USA 04:13
28. Flying Towards Downtown Los Angeles 04:22
29. Roundhouse Aquarium At Manhattan Beach Pier Illuminated With Lights At Sunset 04:30
30. Tufa Formation On Scenic Mono Lake California 04:38
31. General Sherman - The biggest tree in the world, Sequoia Park, California, USA 04:46
32. Giant sequoia trees in Sequoia National Park, California, USA 04:57
33. Giant Sequoia trees in Kings Canyon National Park 05:10
34. Yosemite National Park Time Lapse 05:16
35. Yosemite Taft Point Time Lapse 05:22
36. Civc Center in San Francisco California 05:30
37. Circular farms in the California desert 05:37
38. Dunes in Death Valley 05:44
39. Aerial view of Death Valley 05:52
40. Coit Tower with a View of Downtown San Francisco 06:00
41. Avalon, Pacific Coast, California, Santa Catalina Island 06:10
42. Los Angeles, California 06:18
43. Avalon, Aerial View, Pacific Coast, Santa Catalina Island 06:28
44. Fullerton, California, Laguna Lake 06:36
45. Sausalito, Aerial Flying, California 06:42
46. Sausalito, California 06:52
47. Coronado, California, Pacific Coast 07:00
48. Avalon Casino and harbor in Santa Catalina Island 07:06
49. Large Wind Farm In California 07:24
50. Palace of Fine Arts California 07:30
51. Bridge on a Rocky, Steep Coastline Road (Big Sur, Pacific Coast Highway, CA) 07:36
52. Santa Monica Los Angeles Aerial 07:46
53. Santa Barbara Coastline, Drone View, California 07:56
54. Santa Barbara, Drone View 08:03
55. Mono Lake with Tufa Rock Formations 08:11
56. Rugged coastline in California 08:31
57. Santa Barbara California 08:44
58. Pomona, Aerial View, California Polytechnic State University 08:53
59. Santa Barbara California 09:03
60. Yosemite Park 09:12
61. Rainbow Falls in the Ansel Adams Wilderness 09:22
62. Morning Yosemite Valley Time Lapse Fog 09:32
63. Golden Gate Bridge 09:42
64. Los Angeles Downtown Aerial 09:52
65. Charter Boats Floating On Calm Blue Water Of Lake Tahoe, 10:06
66. Hollywood Sign Letters at Sunset, Los Angeles, California 10:20
67. The California Coastline 10:29
68. American Flag on top of Mountain in California 10:39
69. Palm Springs, California 10:44:
70. Golden Gate Bridge At Sunset 10:52

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