Campitello di Fassa Sella Ronda review 2018 & 2019 4k

Campitello di Fassa is one of the best options to sleep in the majestic sella ronda ski area, the best and largest ski area in Italy.
Sleeping in Campitello can save you up to €200 per week if you compare the bill to its
more famous neighbouring ski resorts like Selva Gardena or Corvara.
As you would expect, there are some compromises to staying in the Campitello area. But
don’t worry, because if you stay until the end of this video, I will give you some hints and
tips on how to avoid the cons of Campitello.
Campitello di Fassa is located in Trentino, in the Fassa valley.
The closest airports to Campitello are:
- Verona with a transfer time of 2 hours and 33 minutes
- Treviso and Innsbruck, each with a transfer time of 2 hours and 48 minutes
- and Venice and Brescia with transfer times of 2 hours and 52 minutes and 2 hours and
58 minutes, respectively.
The village altitude is 1,448 meters and the 120-passenger Colrodella cable car will take
you from there to the Colrodella peak, approximately 1 km higher, in less than 7
The famous Sella Ronda carousel is named after Groupo Sella, a chain of table
mountains in the middle of the ski area.
Sella Ronda means “the circle around Sella mountains”.
Sella means “Saddle” in Italian.
Sella Ronda is considered by many as the most beautiful ski area in the world.
The circle is about 26 km in diameter, and is actually comprised of 2 circles:
one clockwise, marked in orange and the other counterclockwise, marked in green.
Most of the slopes in the circle are short and there is a lot of lifts time (Clarify meaning
here please). – meaning that there are short runs and many chairlift in the route, so relatively you spend a lot of time sitting in ski lifts
Our advice is to use it as a kind of a conveyor that leads you easily to explore the 4 ski
areas combined in this huge ski area: Val Gardena; Alta Badia; Arabba-Marmolada, and
Val di Fassa itself.
The whole area combined is comprised of 530km of connected ski runs, thus making it
the 3rd largest in the world after Portes de Soleil and Three Valleys.
For this you have to get the Superskidolomiti ski pass, which includes a total of 1200 km
of slopes including Courtina di A'mpezzo, Kronplatz and many other ski resorts as well.
For beginners Val di Fassa ski pass will be enough. The borders of Val di Fassa in the
ski area is in Passo Pordoi in the east and Passo Sella in the north.
One of the big cons of Campitello are the lines in the morning to the Colrodella lift as it
was the first lift for people coming from lower Val di Fassa, that connect to the Sella
What most people don’t know is that three years ago, a new wind resistance cable car
was opened in Alba di Canazei.
The new lift connected the Belvedere ski area to Campiac ski area, thus actually
connecting Pozza di Fassa to the Sella Ronda ski area.
The new lift made the lines more bearable as the same number of people now use 3 lifts
instead of 2.
We still recommend to come to the Colrodella either before 9 or after 10 o'clock in the
morning, otherwise you’ll spend at least half an hour waiting in line.
Campitello has modest nightlife so it's a good idea on this vacation not to stay out too
late. Instead, wake up early and ride the lift at 8:30, before the queues build up.
It's also a good tip to get out in the morning because you have a very long ski trips in
this ski area and you don't want to be stressed out not coming back to your valley
before the lifts are closed.
Regarding the modest nightlife in Campitello, you can still enjoy the nightlife in the
center of Canazei which is a 30-minute walk from the center of Campitello or a 20 euro,
5 minute drive in a cab.
In Dolomiti hotel, at the heart of Canazei you will find Ceaser's Keller (???? confirm? Is
this Keller or ‘cellar’? can’t find on Google)- it is pronounced Keller which is the best club in the valley, and
usually packed every night around midnight.
Another con of Campitello is that there is no skiing to the village.
Our tip here is, instead of standing in line for the Colrodella on the way back, pay a visit
to Refugo des Alps, maybe not the best aprés ski bar in the world but probably the one
with the best views.
Getting a Bombardino, the local liqueur, and watching the sun painting the mighty cliffs
of Sella Ronda, as it descends?( the sun decents) Priceless!
Actually, the last lift that goes back is the last lift going down with the drinkers of Refugo
des Alps.
Another way to finish the day is to ski down to neighbouring Canzei, doing aprés ski in
paradise and taking the last ski bus to campitello after 6:30pm.
To conclude, these are our ratings for Campitello:

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