Follow us on our roadtrip around the Faroe Islands!

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Throughout our journey, we explored 10 of the 18 Faroese Islands, from Vioy in the north to Suuroy in the far south. In total, we drove more than 1000 km during the 16 days of our visit. Watch as we come upon breathtaking cliffsides, spot thousands of sea birds and enjoy the calm and quiet of this North Atlantic archipelago.

Thank you:
A big THANK YOU goes to Marta Káradóttir who helped us tremendously with correctly pronouncing all Faroese names.

Key Stats:
Duration of trip: 16 days
Distance driven: 1039 km
Liters of Diesel: ca. 160 l
Fuel consumption: 15,4 l
Time of year: June
Total cost: Roughly 3250 Euro (Fuel 214 Euro, Ferry from Denmark 1944 Euro [50% of total price, other 50% counted towards Iceland], Accommodation 329 Euro, Tunnels & Ferries 152 Euro, Food & Drink 613 Euro)
Ferry trips: 8
Sheep: 367
Vehicle: WorldCruiser 2 by Tom‘s Fahrzeugtechnik - https://www.toms-fahrzeugtechnik.de

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Real Talk:
Despite our attempt at keeping our documentaries as authentic as possible, you are still watching a highlight reel. When editing, we naturally tend to choose the most exciting video clips. What you don’t see are the moments spent driving through less spectacular landscapes or some of the challenges we faced. Please always keep that in mind when watching!

An extremely controversial topic that is closely tied to the Faroe Islands is the traditional Grindadráp. In a nutshell, it is a mass killing of pilot whales, a species of dolphins. Every year, around 700 dolphins are killed in these hunts. As everything happens out in the open, with the shore waters literally turning red, these killings get a lot of international (media) attention.

Frankly, it is extremely tough to separate ‚right‘ from ‚wrong‘ here. In the past, this subsistence hunting technique was vital for the survival of the local inhabitants with the meat being equally distributed among all islanders. As such, the Grindadráp always had an important social aspect, as the local community worked jointly together. There is no doubt that the centuries of hardship, living on a remote, wind-tossed island group, have ingrained the advantages of this hunting technique into the collective mind of the Faroese.

From an outside perspective, killing pilot whales in such numbers seems utterly pointless and cruel, especially as, today, there are sufficient alternative food sources. At the same time, one could ask if there is a moral difference between killing pilot whales, a species of least concern, compared to seals, sharks, moose or deer? Or compared to cows, pigs or chickens held in factory farming, which are killed in the millions, away from the public eye.

No person regularly eating meat is in any position to morally judge the actions of the Faroese.

However, one thing that personally bothers us, is that these killings are defended by calling it a ‚tradition‘. In our opinion, traditions are nothing intrinsically positive. Slavery was once a tradition. Burning widows on a pyre was once a tradition. And female genital mutilation is still a horrible tradition today. Therefore, continuing these mass killings simply because they are a ‚tradition‘ is not a good enough reason. Some traditions are not worth keeping.

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00:00 Intro
00:55 Location
01:16 Tórshavn
03:20 Nólsoy
04:36 Eysturoy
06:18 Klaksvík
07:24 Northern Isles
09:17 Fishing
10:25 Kalsoy
12:15 Sheep
14:04 Kallur Lighthouse
17:43 Mikladalur
18:37 Legend of the Selkie
20:40 Oyndarfjørur
22:15 Elduvík
24:17 Gjógv
26:42 Slættaratindur
28:30 Eii
30:09 Fossá
31:26 Tjørnuvík
32:24 Saksun
33:53 Vágar
34:19 Tindhólmur
35:50 Múlafossur
36:45 Puffins
37:37 Sornfelli
38:49 Suuroy
41:08 Forest
42:56 Cloud Waterfall
45:42 Akraberg
46:32 Lítla Dímun
47:04 Koltur
47:41 Kirkjubøur
49:31 Sandoy
51:24 Outro