FREEDIVING GREAT BARRIER REEF | The search for amazing marine life encounters

In this life on location shoot vlog the search for amazing marine life encounters continues as we head 65km offshore from Seventeen Seventy (1770) in Queensland Australia to go freediving on the southern section of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Here are some of the highlights from how the trip played out.

The southern Great Barrier Reef's most popular is are Lady Elliot Island, Lady Musgrave Island and Heron Island however on this trip we visit the coral reef systems in between these Queensland islands

Boult Reef and Fitzroy lagoon were the two main reefs we were exploring and is where we came a cross a large pod of wild dolphins who were very interesting in checking us out. We even scored a bit of Humpback whale action both in and out the water. Overall we had some pretty amazing ocean encounters.

On this trip we team up with a great crew of like minded ocean cameraman who are talented in their fields Here are their instagram pages so you can check them out.

Scott Wilson Photographer

Paul Hilton Photographer

Adrian Bullock Photographer

Andre - Documentary Producer

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