ICELAND TRAVEL DOCUMENTARY | The Grand Icelandic Roadtrip

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Born from the fiery womb of the earth, and shaped by glaciers, tempests, and swells, Iceland bears a likeness to the earth when it was young - a boisterous spirit, untamed and running wild. Combining the inhospitable plains of the central highlands with moss-adorned river canyons and massive ice sheets, Iceland is the crown jewel of our planet’s rich treasures.

Key Stats:
Duration of trip: 74 days
Distance driven: 9,438 km
Litres of Diesel: ca. 1017 l
Fuel consumption: 14 l
Time of year: June-September
Total cost: Roughly 10,935 Euro (Fuel 1915 Euro; Ferry from Denmark 1944 Euro [50% of total price, other 50% counted towards Faroe Islands]; Accommodation 1090 Euro; Activities, Ferries, Parking & Other 1651 Euro; Repairs 2085 Euro; Food & Drink ca. 2250 Euro)
Pufflings released: 33
Vehicle: WorldCruiser 2 by Tom‘s Fahrzeugtechnik -

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Thank you:
A big THANK YOU goes to Arngrímur (Aggi) Arnarson who helped us tremendously with correctly pronouncing all Icelandic names. We'd also like to thank Aleš Mucha and North Sailing ( for taking us out on their Whales, Sails and Science expedition! Last but not least, a massive THANK YOU goes to Uni, Unnar and Birgir from UniCars ( for helping us in our predicament, being stranded with a broken rear differential in the Icelandic highlands.

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Flying a drone in Iceland:
Please be aware that restrictions on flying drones in Iceland apply. As an example, flying in national parks requires you to obtain a license. Read more about that here: If you intend to fly a drone in Vatnajökull National Park, make sure to apply through

Please understand, that we obtained such a permit to shoot in Vatnajökull National Park. In general, be mindful of other visitors and do not disturb their experience by flying a drone directly above their heads. This is both dangerous and extremely ignorant. Don’t be this guy.

Real Talk:
Despite our attempt at keeping our Iceland Travel Documentary as authentic as possible, you are still watching a highlight reel. When editing, we naturally tend to choose the most exciting clips. What you don’t see are the hours spent driving through less spectacular landscapes or some of the challenges we faced.

Full Disclosure:
This trip was entirely self-funded. However, we participated in two complimentary whale-watching tours with North Sailing.

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00:00 Intro
01:12 Seyisfjörur
01:42 Arctic Terns
03:49 East Fjords
04:42 Lupines
05:39 Skálanes
06:51 953 Mjóifjörur
09:05 East Fjords
10:05 Hengifoss
10:44 Borgarfjörur eystri
11:11 Puffins
14:18 F946
17:14 Langanes
19:03 Arctic Henge
19:57 Hraunhafnartangi
21:23 Dettifoss
23:07 Mývatn
25:32 Húsavík Whale Watching
29:53 Flateyjarskagi
34:30 Grímsey
36:18 Midnight Sun
38:25 Vatnsnes
39:29 West Fjords
41:35 Hornstrandir
47:51 Arctic Foxes
50:22 Leaving Hornstrandir
51:29 Road 622
54:15 Dynjandi and Rauisandur
55:42 Látrabjarg
56:37 F66
58:15 Road to Djúpavík
59:20 Beach Cleanup
01:01:34 Snæfellsnes
01:02:55 Glamour
01:04:27 Litli-Hrútur Eruption
01:06:43 Western Highlands
01:08:37 Hverdalir
01:09:21 Kerlingarfjöll
01:11:20 Gullfoss & Strokkur
01:12:10 Fimmvöruháls Trail
01:14:16 Þórsmörk
01:15:50 Southern Iceland
01:16:22 Þakgil
01:17:28 Southern Highlands
01:23:06 Landmannalaugar
01:24:46 Eldgjá
01:25:27 Laki
01:26:47 Broken rear differential
01:28:12 Vatnajökull National Park
01:32:26 Eastern Highlands
01:33:49 Stulagil
01:34:40 Kverkfjöll
01:35:45 Askja
01:37:48 Central Highland
01:39:48 Valley of Tears
01:40:33 Westman Islands
01:41:37 Puffling Patrol
01:46:51 Outro