Save the Rhinos - Influence for Good

September 22nd, WORLD RHINO DAY

In July this year we took a trip to South Africa to experience first hand the crisis unfolding that was sending rhino and elephant populations into a rapid decline. We learnt about the Ivory and Rhino horn trades, the brutality of poaching and the sad reality that these beautiful species could be lost within 10 years at the going rate!!

How could this be?

The war to save the Rhinos is being lost. We knew that we couldn't stand by and watch as an entire species becomes lost forever. As human beings and as influencers we felt compelled to do whatever we could to help!

So we joined the fight to make sure this doesn't happen. If you feel touched by this video and this cause, the first thing you can is share this video! Raising awareness about this crisis is the first step to putting an end to it!!

You can also donate directly to these two incredible foundations that are turning the tide in South Africa and working towards ending this crisis.

Care for Wild -
The Good Work Foundation -

We never intended to be influencers, it is a role that we accidentally fell into but a role that we now take very seriously. Used correctly we can do amazing things that have a positive impact on the world.

We cant wait to go back to South Africa with a group of you beautiful humans to experience the magic that is AFRICA -

If you want to join us, head to to donate and enter into the draw to win a free South African Glamping Experience.

A huge thankyou to Petronel and the team at Care for Wild, they are some of the most inspiring people we have ever met!
Also thankyou to Kate and the incredible family at the Good Work Foundation for the huge impact they are having on thousands of lives.

Thankyou for watching

Marie, Jake and Elliot