UNITED AIRLINES Business Class (Polaris) | Boeing 777-300ER Brussels to Washington

Join me on this flight in United Airlines' Polaris Business Class onboard a Boeing 777-300ER plane from Brussels to Washington DC (trip report in 4K).

Keep watching till the end for a tour of United Airlines' flagship Polaris Lounge at Washington Dulles Airport.

Video chapters:
0:00 Boeing 777-300ER
0:37 Business Class cabin
3:48 Safety video
6:56 Takeoff
9:48 Business Class seat
11:07 Amenity kit + bedding
12:11 Menu
12:46 Lunch
14:10 Flatbed
14:52 Inflight entertainment
17:10 Dinner
17:23 Landing
23:20 United Polaris Lounge at Washington

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