Miami, Florida 8K Video Ultra HD (120FPS) - The Magic City

Miami, Florida 8K Video Ultra HD (120FPS) - The Magic City
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Total Numbers Of Clips In this video are - 70

0. Intro 00:00
1. Sky Views Miami Wheel Aerial 00:33
2. Breath Taking View of Boat Traffic in Miami 00:40
3. High Rise Buildings and Transport Infrastructure 00:48
4. Multilevel Highway interchange on city 00:53
5. Aerial View on Guitar Hotel with a shallow depth of field at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL 01:03
6. Aerial View on New Hard Rock Casino Hotel 01:09
7. Aerial landscape of coast city of Miami Florida United States 01:18
8. Modern Architecture Skyscrapers in Miami Beach 01:24
9. Modern Architecture Skyscrapers in Miami Beach 01:32
10. Fly Over Metromover Track Leading on Columns Above Park 01:44
11. Futuristic City Borough with Modern High Rise Buildings and Automatic Passenger Transport Rail 01:54
12. Aerial Rising Shot Trump Towers Sunny Isles On The Beach 8k 60fps 02:06
13. Beautiful view of Miami skyline during sunset 02:18
14. Aerial Hyperlapse over Downtown Miami at sunrise 02:26
15. Drone flight around night Miami, Florida 02:36
16. Night aerials Seminole Hard rock Hollywood Florida 02:43
17. City night lights 02:53
18. Backwards Fly Above River in City 03:04
19. Aerial shot of hotels in Miami Beach at dusk 03:11
20. Fly Over Stripe of High Rise Buildings Along Sea Coast 03:17
21. Group of Tall Downtown Skyscrapers 03:27
22. Boats Moving on Water Surface Around High Rise Buildings in Modern City Borough 03:37
23. Fly Over Road Bridge Above River 03:43
24. Large Container Ship Entering Port of Miami USA 03:55
25. Park and Waterfront in Luxury Urban District in Tropical Area 04:05
26. Metromover rail car driving on high bridge Futuristic city borough Miami, USA 04:15
27. Cruise Ships and Terminals at Port Miami 04:24
28. Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship Port Miami 04:32
29. Aerial shot of downtown Miami from Biscayne bay 04:43
30. Miami towards the bay 04:54
31. Metromover Automatic Passenger Transport Cars Passing 05:04
32. Amazing aerial view of ocean coastline in Miami 05:15
33. Fly Above Downtown Skyscrapers 05:25
34. Acqualina Towers Sunny Isles Beach Florida Usa Aerial 8k 60p 05:33
35. Breath Taking Hyper Lapse Shot Large City at Sunset 05:43
36. Aerial Cinematic Shot of Evening City 05:48
37. Bird's eye view of night Miami, Florida 05:57
38. City Night Lights Miami 06:03
39. City Night Lights Miami 06:13
40. River Flowing Through Modern Urban Borough 06:22
41. Miami City at Night 06:32
42. Romantic Footage of Metropolis After Sunset 06:40
43. Aerial View of Beach Strip with Condo and Resort 06:50
44. Aerial view of the metro mover rails in Miami 07:00
45. American Social Restaurant Upscale Casual Dining Miami River 07:07
46. Beachfront Resorts Miami Beach Florida 07:19
47. South Beach Nature at Day Florida 07:26
48. Fly Above Modern Urban Borough 07:42
49. Modern Downtown Skyscrapers 07:51
50. South Beach Nature at Day Florida 08:00
51. Modern Urban Borough with Tall Apartment Buildings in Tropical 08:09
52. Large houses surrounded by green vegetation Miami, USA 08:20
53. Futuristic Urban Borough with Tall Buildings and Skyscrapers 08:31
54. Miami Fl Aa Arena And Museum Park 08:42
55. Miami City at Night 08:50
56. High Rise Downtown Buildings Against Colourful Sky 08:58
57. Beautiful Shot of Night Miami City 09:07
58. Modern High Rise Buildings in Miami 09:13
59. Multilane Trunk Road Lined By Palm Trees Passing Through 09:18
60. Modern city borough and tall skyscrapers 09:28
61. Luxurious High Rise Apartment or Business Buildings 09:42
62. .Miami Beach Boardwalk 09:49
63. Metromover Rail Car Moving on Elevated Track Above Highway in Modern City 10:03
64. Fly Above Large Multilevel and Multilane Highway Interchange in City 10:18:
65. South Beach Nature at Day Florida 10:32
66. South Miami and Mid Beach Ocean Coastline 10:46
67. Aerial shot of Miami FL skyline 10:53
68. Miami Beach Boardwalk 10:59
69. Modern Architecture in Miami Beach 11:08
70. luxury apartment or office towers on waterfront Modern city borough Miami, USA 11:14

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2. Among The Stars:

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