Shiraz (Iran) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Shiraz in Iran.
The Koran Gate leads to the city of Shiraz, a city of love, roses and poetry that is located in the south of the Iranian Highlands. Famous Persian poets once lived in the city in which they created works of great beauty and even today their mausoleums are visited with much reverence. With its many domed rooms, the Vakil Bath House was built in around 1776 A.D. Within the vaults, numerous frescoes depict floral ornaments and religious motifs, with life-like characters amid inviting bathing facilities. The Vakil complex also contains a mosque that was built at the same time as the Bazaar and is a replicre of a regal Arabian mosque. All from the same source, forty eight twisted ribbed marble columns support the ceiling that is covered with tile mosaics. The Vakil Bazaar, whose main thoroughfare is around eight hundred metres long, is the most beautiful in Iran. The Madrese Khan is the most well-known traditional university in Shiraz and was donated by Allah Verdi Khan, a famous military leader of Shah Abbas. When Teheran became the capital of the Qajaren Empire, Shiraz became less important. Yet, even today, the city’s scholars and poets are still held in high esteem, with both modernity and tradition complementing each other in peaceful harmony.

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